Anti Aging - Secrets to Younger Looking Skin

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Secrets to Younger Looking Skin

From - Posted: Mar 09, 2009 - 199,080 views
Anti Aging - Secrets to Younger Looking Skin | eHealthChannel.Org
Secrets to Younger Looking Skin
Secrets to Younger Looking Skin
Duration: 04 minute 02 seconds 
Better reveals the inside secrets to looking younger from a plastic surgeon.
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Better TV reveals which bath, body, hair and facial products have been named the best of the best. anti aging
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Make spa quality body scrubs and lotions at home. anti aging
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anti aging - Day 8 How I got rid of my cellulite FOREVER! No calorie restriction

Day 8 How I got rid of my cellulite FOREVER! No calorie restriction

D8: How I got rid of my cellulite FOREVER! (No calorie restriction). I have had cellulite since I was 16 years old and in the last few years I have seen the end of it. In this video I cover the reasons it is now gone. Some may shock you!★ My ebook http:www.30bananasaday.comFreeleesEbook ★ Follow me on Facebook: http:www.facebook.comthebananagirl ★ My instagram: http:instagram.comfreeleethebananagirl ★ Check out my BLOG ★ Another crazy fruitbat! anti aging
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anti aging - Get baby smooth skin! Exfoliation tip

Get baby smooth skin! Exfoliation tip

A really easy and cost-effective method to get baby smooth skin on your face! Please note I am not a doctor or dermatologist. If you are unsure if this method is right for you, please consult your doctor, especially if you have a known allergy to aspirin or its ingredients. This is advice I give as a peer, not as a medical professional. I'm showing you what has worked for myself and for other people, it's up to you if you want to do this exfoliation method or not. Nailpolish: China Glaze - Branding Iron Blush: MAC Orange es Lips: L'Oreal British Red lipstick anti aging
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anti aging - A Dermatologist Told Me...Anti Aging Secret That Works

A Dermatologist Told Me...Anti Aging Secret That Works

My website: My Twitter: http:www.twitter.comFrugallyYours My Facebook: http:www.facebook.comdesignerdenimdiva My Pinterest: http:pinterest.comilovemyjeansboardsFor business inquiries only, contact me at rockstarboudoir@gmail.comFor collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages: http:ChannelPages.comFrugalMommyLeslie anti aging
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anti aging - How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy NO EXERCISE

How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy NO EXERCISE

Credits: MUSIC : Jordan Sparks - One Step At A Time. (I do not own the music, tune, lyrics, or song).How To Lose Weight Fast & Easy w NO EXERCISE.HOW MANY CALORIES SHOULD YOU EAT? I personally eat 1200 cals a day but thats for my height, This doesn't apply to everyone as all women come in different shapes and sizes. What i can recommend is for you to find out your BMI and it will calculate everything for you depending on your height. Some people who saw my video got mistaken and assumed I've told all women to eat UNDER 1000 Cals, including men. In order to reduce the amount of assumptions i get and unnecessary notification that are rather unimportant as even me making a video falls of def ears to a few tempered humans, i thought of adding this into my description. Type into your "Google Toolbar" for a BMI calculator, and you shall be presented with one online. Also, notice how i said don't starve yourself. If i would say that, it would be so incoherent to saying to eat under 1000 cals which literally is STARVING YOURSELF. WHAT DID I SAY AT 11:20-11:25? I said "SOUP" can fill you Up. (btw soups with creams are Fattening).PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU COMMENT THINGS THAT MAY HAVE CONTRADICTIONS WITHIN IT, DO NOT PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH, YOUR COMMENTS ONLY REFLECT ON YOU.Foods That will help you see results in 2 weeks: Lemon Lime Pineapples Apples Prunes (After or Before every meal {CAN ALSO BE USED FOR SNACKING). GreenTea ( For 3 - 4 months [MORNING + LATE AFTERNOON + EVENING] half an hour after every meal. Oolong Tea Wulong Tea (After 3 - 4 months). half an hour after every meal. Honey + Lemon + Hot Water (Before Sleeping).WOMEN: less than 1200 Calories. (Per day) MEN: less than 1900 Calories. (Per day)TIPS & WARNINGS: Green Tea & Oolong is best from either a traditional Chinese marketstore or Walmart. Do not add too much honey to your prior sleep drink because it can cause heartburn as normal honey does. Do not Eat over 5 - 6 Prunes a day. It might cause irritation to your bowl movement. Do not go overboard with Pineapples and Apples just because it helps burn fat. Everything should be eaten in healthy quantities. Fruits can cause uncomfortable bloating or a beautiful gassy BUM!!! hahahaha Eat frozen yogurt instead of regular Ice cream.Hope I haven't missed out any important Tips or Additional Information.PLEASE SUBSCRIBE , REPOST, SHARE , SEND TO THOSE THAT ARE SEEKING HELP IN THIS CRITERIA, AND SEND IN REQUESTS OR ANY QUESTIONS.Hi i make tutorials regarding Makeup (Eyes, Lips, Eyebrows, Contouring etc), Hair, Weight Loss, Diet, Fashion, and basically anything Infact! :) Hope you like my videos. Don't forget to Subscribe, Request, Share, and Like, MWAH EVERYONE! Don't Forget to Subscribe, Share, Send Requests, Follow, and Like my VideosExtra Links. Mwah!!HOW I DID MY EYELINER? Check out my other youtube video link : Links: Facebook http:www.facebook.comAbigaleKirstenMAKEUPKeek (Video Blogs and Funny vids) http:www.keek.comAbigaleKirstenTwitter http:www.twitter.comAbigaleKirstenInstagram http:www.instagram.comAbigaleKirstenFollow me on: http:twitter.comAbigaleKirsten http:instagram.comabigalekirsten http:www.keek.comAbigaleKirsten http:www.facebook.comAbigalekirstenMAKEUPEDITOR: Adobe Premiere Pro CS4LOVE YOU ALL. HAVE A GREAT DAY.YOU'LL ALWAYS BE BEAUTIFUL!!! anti aging
5,884,019 views | Aug 06, 2013

anti aging - Toothbrush Skincare Treatment

Toothbrush Skincare Treatment

Toothbrush Skincare TreatmentA detailed description read here http:www.xanga.comRiceBunny603656971electric-toothbrush--clean-skin.htmlMusicLate Night Alumni : Sunrise Comes anti aging
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anti aging - How to get clear skin, remove acne, and dark circles

How to get clear skin, remove acne, and dark circles

FOR MORE: http:www.dhukai.comhow-to-get-clear-acne-free-dark-circle-free-skin FOLLOW ME! Twitter: http:twitter.comfarahdhukai Blog: Facebook: http:www.facebook.comfarahdhukai anti aging
5,038,155 views | Mar 29, 2011
anti aging - Ancient Secret to Younger Looking Skin Home Remedies

Ancient Secret to Younger Looking Skin Home Remedies

Ninon De L'Enclos has been called "the most beautiful woman of the 17th Century". Her secret to ever young skin was revealed in a French pamphlet by her personal assistant of 50 years. In this video I show you how to make Ninon's secret ointment for youthful skin using nowadays ingredients. Music: No Reasons Left by Ultima anti aging
570,114 views | Apr 03, 2011
anti aging - How keep your skin looking young The Best Face Massage techniques!

How keep your skin looking young The Best Face Massage techniques! Japanese Contouring Face Massage helps keep the skin looking young, helps tighten the muscles, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. anti aging
144,969 views | Jan 31, 2012

anti aging - How To Get Soft Hands!

How To Get Soft Hands!

anti aging
321,845 views | May 03, 2011
anti aging - Skin Care Advice How to Get Rid of Wrinkles on Your Hands

Skin Care Advice How to Get Rid of Wrinkles on Your Hands

To get rid of wrinkles on the hands, exfoliate the skin using sugar and oil, apply an anti-aging mask to the hands, and hydrate the skin with an anti-aging moisturizer. Wear gloves at night to lock in moisture with beauty advice from a clinical aesthetician in this free video on skin care. anti aging
48,258 views | Feb 18, 2009
anti aging - My Simple Skin Care Routine Miracle of Aleppo Soap , cleanse moisturise for clear skin

My Simple Skin Care Routine Miracle of Aleppo Soap , cleanse moisturis...

Buy Artist of Makeup Professional Cosmetics at Visit - for twitter http:Twitter.comZukreat for Facebook http:Facebook.comArtistofMakeup Hey Everyone!I hope your all having an Amazing day, I'm sorry it's been a while since my last video. In this video I go through my basic skin care routine, I hope its informative for you all and you learn something new :)If your interested in the products mentioned, I have listed links to their website, so I hope that helps. I've also included that Olive soap youtube video I mention which goes into detail about how the soap is mass produced, its very interesting, definitely worth a watch. http:youtu.besxYidnEAiYQMore infoOlive Soap Aleppo : http:aleppogold.comindex1.html Olay Total Effects Moisturiser: Elicina Snail Cream: http:elicinausa.comI hope you enjoy the video, and as always please let me know what you think and if you haven't already added me on twitter or Facebook then heres your chance, here are the links. http:Facebook.comArtistofMakeup for twitter its http:twitter.comZukreatAs always feel free to post your comments and feedback but if you have any questions or requests then please contact me via twitter or Facebook so I can keep track of your requests. I hope your having a great day so far :)Enjoy!lots of loveZukreat xx anti aging
187,981 views | Mar 06, 2012
anti aging - The Health Benefits of Ginger

The Health Benefits of Ginger

Buy Our Organic Ginger in Veggie Caps - http:www.celestialhealing.netherb9.htmDr Akilah El presents "The Health Benefits of Ginger". Ginger is one of the world's seven most potent disease-fighting spices. It has been review widely regarded for centuries as a natural remedy for a variety of ailments. Find out why and how ginger can benefit you in this video.http:www.celestialhealing.netherb9.htm**DUE TO AN INFLUX OF SPAM ALL COMMENTS ARE NOW MODERATED** anti aging
3,335,357 views | Aug 29, 2011

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