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Hairfinity 3 Months

From - Posted: Jul 28, 2014 - 10 views
Vitamins - Hairfinity 3 Months | eHealthChannel.Org
Hairfinity 3 Months
Hairfinity 3 Months
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Hairfinity 3 Months
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vitamins - Hairfinity Review 1 Month Challenge Update

Hairfinity Review 1 Month Challenge Update

This is my honest Hairfinity vitamin review after taking it for a month as well as my update for the first month of longNhealthy's 6 inches in 6 Months Challenge.Follow Meh: Instagram : http:instagram.comlongNhealthy Twitter: https:twitter.comlongNhealthyTressedForSuccess Channel: My Challenge: http:www.hairlista.comgrouplongnhealthy-s-6-inches-in-6-months-challengePurchase Hairfinity: Bamboo Tea Results: Bamboo Tea: http:relaxedhairhealth.blogspot.compbamboo-leaf-tea.htmlMake Hairdrenalin Potion: Inversion Results: I bought my length check T-Shirt: http:hairlistainc.spreadshirt.comPurchase Simplicity Oil: http:www.simplicity-oil.comhair-oils vitamins
40,911 views | Feb 15, 2014


RECORDED MARCH 6TH...Hairfinity challenge update!! 1 month LENGTH retenTION!! (EPISODE 5!) Continiuing from my last videos, see below to catch up on the previous episodes.This series ranges from preparing my hair before the take down, to detangling my hair demo, to now, Deep conditioning and blow drying my hair. I am more and more confident in doing and continuing to show my hair care tips. As much as theyre not rated, but i understand, it's always fair to be skeptical at 1st, especially if you haven't seen it done before. But this is why i like being me, cos im different and is never afraid to try different things. My steps that i shared in the video (links below) had my hair shiny, silky and soft..To each is their own.Tropic isle living | Applying JBCO Protein Deep Conditioner & ELECTRIC STEAMER 1: Senegalese take down preparation: Hot oil treatment 2: Detangling preview ft MY DNA & QUEMET BIOLOGICS: 3: Detangling Natural Hair: MY DNA & QUEMET BIOLOGICS 1ST IMPRESSIONS 4: HAIRFINITY & PROTECTIVE STYLING NATURAL BLOW OUT 1 MONTH RESULTS! EDGES UPDATE!! (July 2014) vitamins
2,440 views | Mar 07, 2014
vitamins - Hairfinity Dupes Before After Do they work? 60daychallenge

Hairfinity Dupes Before After Do they work? 60daychallenge

SUBSCRIBE for other great videos :)The brand is called Natures Bounty they can be found in any major drugstoreGrow healthy hair with me!!For business inquiries, reviews and promotions please contact me at vitamins
18,059 views | May 21, 2014
vitamins - 1 Year HairFinity! Straight Hair

1 Year HairFinity! Straight Hair

Year long hairfinity results vitamins
24,770 views | Jan 10, 2014

vitamins - Natural Hair My 30 Day Hairfinity Challenge Results

Natural Hair My 30 Day Hairfinity Challenge Results

Peep me sharing my thoughts after using Hairfinity for a month, and find out if I will re up for 30 more days... :)Thanks for watching and hey to my new subbies! 😘 -T. vitamins
681 views | Feb 03, 2014
vitamins - Hairfinity Results 3 Month Trial

Hairfinity Results 3 Month Trial

Hey guys! I know this video has been long awaited lolRegular Hair Growth Pattern: Front: 14 inch per month Front Side: 14 inch per month Crown: 12 inch per month Back: 12 inch per monthGrowth Pattern with Hairfinity: Front: 12 -34 inch per month Front Side: -34739 lmao Crown: 1 inch per month Back: 12 - 1 inch per month*Few Issues I ran into* - The sides of my hair actually got shorter by the end of my 3 month trial (I tried contacting Hairfinity but to no avail) I'm not exactly sure what caused this. It could be breakage, counter effects from the pills, orrrr yeah idk lolHairfinity SIte http:www.hairfinity.comInstagram: Chizi Duru vitamins
28,764 views | Apr 18, 2014
vitamins - Hollister Hairfinity 6 months Update

Hollister Hairfinity 6 months Update

Hollister: I am updating you about the Hollister interview and job for those of you who were wondering about it. Also Hairfinity: I bought more hairfinity because theY DO WORK. If you have any questions about them, ask me I will answer as best i can. vitamins
3,506 views | Apr 30, 2013
vitamins - Month 5 HairFinity Update

Month 5 HairFinity Update

month one vide :' 4 months and two weeks on hairfinity vitamins
11,637 views | Jun 10, 2013



Relaxer and Hairfinity update!! Hope you enjoy! PICTURES AT THE END!! xx :)Please rate, comment and subscribe! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: MissShoBella :) Visit my blog: vitamins
61,135 views | Sep 24, 2013
vitamins - Hairfinity Review ??? Did it work???

Hairfinity Review ??? Did it work???

Hey you guys I wanted to share my thoughts on the supplement Hairfinity. I did take the supplements for two months before I decided to share my opinion. Tell me your thoughts. Rate. Comment. SUBSCRIBE Follow me on instagram @sayeeda23*2 bottles cost $42.00*What is Hairfinity: Hairfinity healthy hair complex is a natural dietary supplement formulated with essential vitamins and nutrients for healthy hair.How does it work: Hairfinity fills in the gap left by your regular diet to provide your body with the nutrition it needs to grow healthy hair.How soon will I see results: Most of our customers who report their results see an improvement in their hair within the first month. However, individual results vary.How is Hairfinity different from other products: Hairfinity works from the inside out giving your hair the nutrietns it needs to look its healthiest.*I did omit some info from the brochure it was to much type. However, I will link the company link below*Hairfinity website: http:www.hairfinity.comHave you seen the following videos: Hairfinity Update #2: Weave Takedown and Breakdown-Shampoo, Detangle, Deep Condition!!!: For Beginners *Glam Girl Fun Nail Tutorial*: Sparkly Nails for Beginners: Length to BRA STRAP LENGTH: me at: for any business inquiries.Music: Beyonce-Partition (Instrumental) *I do not own any rights to this song* vitamins
17,650 views | Jan 14, 2014


Hey guys this is just the update and review of the Hairfinity pills!Music From: Living In The Daydream vitamins
3,232 views | Feb 26, 2014
vitamins - ❤18 Months Hairfinity 1 Month Monistat 7 Update 4

❤18 Months Hairfinity 1 Month Monistat 7 Update 4

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤PLEASE READ&SUBSCRIBE❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I've been on HairFinity since April 2011 (18 months at this point) and my growth has been amazing! I am doing a heat pass (no heat will be used on my hair for a certain period of time) until December so this is just a small Almost at waistlength ! The MN has been doing wonders as well! This is my 2nd month trial with this technique and has had some great affects as well!Hairfinity Info & Video's Here is the HairFinity FB Page Link & Actual Website! http:www.facebook.comhairfinity Purchase Here: Purchase here: You Can Purchase Hairfinity at 7 Month Update http:youtu.beVfXF56rKUaY1 Year Update http:youtu.beU5jukiDlJ1818 Months http:youtu.bePJbYpt_kUqQ21 Months http:youtu.be_TaUZfy9jI02 Year http:youtu.bemCbVwd9mpAkGrowing out Heat Damage 29 Months Part 1 http:youtu.beK-YkwI3ZIX829 Month Update Part 2 http:youtu.beSicAnp9LK_MPicture Graph http:www.facebook.comphoto.php?fbid=4224406404693&set=o.9351537271&type=3&theaterHair Worn in video! ❤Check out the sneak peek& initial install video! http:youtu.bebmC5JnMCVMM http:youtu.beExzVf_yQtp8Hair Specs: Texture: Filipino Curly Lengths: 16' Lace closure, 18', 20', 22' If you are interested in checking them out here are the links to their FB & Official Site as well as instagram! Facebook: http:www.facebook.comJadoreHairBoutique Website: http:beautehair.myshopify.comcollectionscurly-hairproductsfilipino-curly Chanel Page:❤❤IF YOUR A COMPANY AND WOULD LIKE ME TO REVIEW YOUR PRODUCTS feel free to contact me at [ SERIOUS BUSINESS ONLY]!!!!!! Subscriber contact info below❤❤ ❤Note: I do not do reviews that need to be "pre-approved". All my reviews WILL BE HONEST!❤SUBBIES can contact me via... Youtube Message Facebook: http:www.facebook.compagesSamantha-Von540553302642014?ref=hl Instagram: Sweetest_V Don't forget to THUMBS UP & "LIKE"!Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my videos! I truly appreciate all of your positive feedback & support!!! Feel free to MESSAGE me if you have any questions or idea's of video topics you would like to see me do & I will try to make arrangements! FTC: ❤---:The product(s) that I choose to review for my channel was either provided by the company for my consideration or purchased with my OWN money. I am expressing my honest views on all my videos and am NOT paid to do so. Please keep in mind that these are MY opinions and they very well may different from yours. If you do not find my videos beneficial to you feel free to EXIT!. Spam, Trolls & Ignorant people WILL NOT be tolerated! Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC IN THE VIDEO! Music By: Vybe Beatz ❤Specs❤ Camera : Canon Rebel T3i Video Editor: Corel Videostudio Pro 5x❤ENJOY LOVES❤! XOXO vitamins
35,877 views | Oct 29, 2012



In this trailer tutorial we show you the Tree Braids Weave using 100% human hair. This is a technique we at World of Braiding pioneered. Most stylists still struggle with working with human hair and it an added complication to get the weavess right using 100% human hair. The full length version tutorial is comprehensive, detailed and filled with vital tips on working with human hair. Visit our website for our brand of synthetic and natural hairLet World of Braiding help you get ahead in the industry. Join us and register to be noticed for your skill and professionalism when you become a member of our group. http:professionalnaturalhairandexte...http:naturalhairprofessionals.ning.comBuy our vidoes - http:www.hairextensionsandbeauty.comdvds.htmlFollow us on: facebook - worldofbraiding&extensions, instagram - queenbraids, linkedIn - Joy Phido, Skype - Joy Phido, Blog - Contact us: +44 1 702 339 858, +44 7946 439 057 email: info@worldofbraiding.comVisit our website. www.worldofbraiding.comBuy our videos from our Online store http:www.hairextensionsandbeauty.comdvds.html Download from www.worldofbraiding.comLike us on Facebook and follow our training activities with images https:www.facebook.compagesWORLD-...Follow us on Twitter. https:twitter.comWorldofbraidinghttps:twitter.comjoyphidoFollow us on Blog us on linkedIn http:lnkd.inFs9DUPSkype: joyphido Follow us on Instagram: joyphido worldofbraiding vitamins
2,427 views | Jul 09, 2014
vitamins - Omg!! I Got Hair Growing THERE!! A Side Effect Of Hairfinity And Mineral Rich On Natural Fine Hair.

Omg!! I Got Hair Growing THERE!! A Side Effect Of Hairfinity And Miner...

I discovered hair growing in a place that never had hair there before as long as I can remember. I've been taking Hairfinity and Mineral Rich Supplements for a few months now. This is a side effect I was surprised by. vitamins
12,388 views | Jan 13, 2014
vitamins - It works Vitamin hair,skin,nail VS Hairfinity

It works Vitamin hair,skin,nail VS Hairfinity

This is a quick video explaining the Hair, Skin, Nails Nourish Complex vitamins that am going to take cant wait to see my (for the vitamins) ( for the necklace )http:www.motivescosmetics.comfalanchi (for the makeup) vitamins
13,917 views | Mar 18, 2014
vitamins - 2 Months of Hairfinity Before After Pics

2 Months of Hairfinity Before After Pics

SUBSCRIBE for more!!!! :) ❤️For more info open description box:♦Instagram --- Tasia_WilNic♦Twitter --- tasia_wilnic♦Facebook--- Tasia WilnicThis channel's content contains pregnancy updates, family vlogs, hair journey, and my take on fashiontoday's topics. ♥♥♥♥SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE♥♥♥♥On June 26, 2008 I married my love Andre. We have been married for 5 years and counting. On August 3, 2011 we welcomed our first child Andrew Caiden. We are awaiting the arrival of baby #2 Ryan Jaiden in late October 2013. We will start vlogging our lives more but that's a little background on us.Get to know me:Youtube Tag & Delivery Story(Andrew Caiden) Husband Tag #2 Hair JourneyReviews♦♦Royalty Free Music from♦♦I am a real person and I'm sharing apart of my life to document the changes that take place. I hope you come for the ride and enjoy my slice of entertainmentpersonality. xoxo TasiaBonus: New Products that Im going to try. Its cold and my hair is NOT feeling it. Hope y'all enjoy this update. xoxoI got my Length Check Shirt from: http:blkslikhair.spreadshirt.comDISCLAIMER!!!!Music provided in this video is from: www.audionautix.comFor Business Inquires I can be contacted: ta_willis26@hotmail.comInstagram: @tasia_wilnicTwitter: tasia_wilnic vitamins
79,283 views | Jan 22, 2013

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